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What Do You Do With Stolen Oil?

The U.S. stole an oil ship from Iran but now it is stuck off the coast of Texas because no U.S. company wants to risk buying the oil.

The U.S. seized the Green Tanker called Suez Rajan in April under the pretext of sanctions. They diverted the ship from China to the U.S. Only no U.S. company wants to unload and sell the oil because they are afraid of retaliation from Iran in the Persian Gulf.

“Companies with any exposure whatsoever in the Persian Gulf are literally afraid to do it,” a Houston-based energy executive involved in the matter told the Wall Street Journal.

Iran seized a tanker headed for Texas as retaliation. This doesn’t bode well for diplomatic goals of restarting the Iran nuclear deal. U.S. officials said that the Pentagon is now deploying F-35 jets and a Navy destroyer to the Middle East to deter all of the pirating.

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