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What Happened To Germany?

Germany has launched a petition to change the law to allow children to have the rights to “sexual self-determination” based on a petition from a group that advocates lowering the age of sexual consent.

The group is called Krumme-13. They are a lobbying group run by a man named Dieter Gieseking, who previously spent time in prison on charges of child pornography. This is who the German government is accepting legal changes from??

The proposed law says that children “should not be viewed as legal objects” but should have “the right to have a say in all matters that affect their emotional, mental and physical well-being,” and “the right to the free development of their personality.”

The original Krumme-13 proposal included the language to allow children the right to “sexual self-determination” but it is not in the current proposal. The group had also previously advocated for pedophilia as a sexual identity.

“Pedophiles in particular must be fundamentally protected from discrimination in the Basic Law,” they argued. “And this is completely independent of sexual criminal law. The vast majority of the estimated 250,000 pedophiles do not commit any of these types of crimes. Pedophilia is a separate sexual identity.”


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