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What is Boeing Hiding?

What in the world is going on with airplane travel!?

A Boeing whistleblower was found dead this weekend after testifying about continued problems with Boeing manufacturing. Here is recent video of his allegations.

Early reports say that he died of a “self-inflicted” wound but as journalist Ian Carroll put it, “Who fights a legal battle for years and years and years and then the year when Boeing’s problems are all coming to light and proving you right, then you decide to off yourself?” Are you finding this hard or easy to believe?

Meanwhile, investigators are looking into a Chilean LATAM Airlines flight that injured dozens of people due to a “strong movement” during the flight due to “a technical event.” This follows a series of strange events for Boeing planes, as summarized by Al Jazeera:

“On March 4, an engine fire forced a Boeing 737 to make an emergency landing in Houston, Texas shortly after takeoff. United Airlines said the engine ingested some plastic bubble wrap that was on the airfield prior to departure.

Two days later, fumes in the cabin of a Boeing 737-800 forced an emergency landing in Portland, Oregon.

On Thursday, a tyre fell off a Boeing 777-200 after takeoff in San Francisco, destroying a car. The plane was bound for Japan but diverted to Los Angeles where it landed safely.

A day later, a Boeing 737 MAX rolled off the runway in Houston and got stuck in grass.”

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