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What Is Free Speech?

Some people really do not know what free speech is. In the age of the cancel culture, some think that speech that they do not like should not be allowed. How did we get to this point? 

Cambridge University is now offering “free speech training” on its campus to help students understand that free speech is actually fundamental to a free society. The lectures will be offered by philosophy professor Arif Ahmed.

Ahmed came under fire when he invited author Helen Joyce to speak at the campus. Joyce’s groundbreaking book “Trans” is hotly contested and many said that even allowing her to present her research was “hateful.” Many protested her very presence on the campus and the college master emailed the student body saying that she would boycott the event because she considered Joyce “insulting and hateful.”

I’ve read her book. She is neither insulting or hateful. She is a fierce advocate for women’s safety and gay rights. The event took place under increased security but many still wondered why it was even allowed.

Once again: Because free speech is important and it is not a crime to offend someone. Without free speech, you have no free society. Period.

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