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What’s In Your Freezer?

Can this be real? A company in Arizona says that they have nearly 200 people “frozen” in tubes, waiting to be revived at a future date.

The company is called Alcor. Max More, the company’s CEO gave reporters a tour of the facilities where they keep 199 humans and over 100 pets in tanks filled with liquid nitrogen. They are not dead, he says, but they have no sentience. They are in a “state of twilight.”

Many of them had terminal diseases for which humanity has no cure, More says. So they will “wait” in their tanks until a cure is discovered.

So many questions! Who is tracking for when a cure comes available? What if the company is bankrupt before then? Who will pay for the cure when it is available if the frozen person’s family members are all gone? How will revived people live in the future? What if the energy crisis worsens and the power goes out completely? Is this ethical?

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