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Where is Princess Kate Middleton?

Yesterday, The Sun posted this video of what they say is Kate Middleton, who was spotted for the first time since she mysteriously posted an edited photo on Mother’s Day, sparking major concerns about her whereabouts.

Some people are satisfied that this proves that she’s A-OK. Most people are not. The video is grainy and unfocused and her body language is unfamiliar to people who watch the princess. Several X users employed AI to unblur the image and, while that is an unreliable technology, it doesn’t help the story along at all.

There are also rumors that the person who took the footage, Nelson Silva, is a videographer.

The questions remain: Why is the public being fed such inconsistent stories? Why is the media complicit? Why does every explanation only make things worse?

Is this palace intrigue? Sure, but the Royal Family is a taxpayer-funded entity that likes to remind us that they serve the people. If a senior royal has been harmed or is otherwise hurt and they are lying about it, the people deserve to know.

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