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Will NATO Join The Fight?

Just kidding! NATO countries will not fight in Ukraine German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on X. This was necessary because French President Emmanuel Macron indicated that NATO countries would join the war in Ukraine earlier this week.

“As German Chancellor, I will not send any soldiers from our Bundeswehr to Ukraine. NATO is not – and will not be – a party to war. It stays that way,” Scholz said. Only this post was community noted to clarify that “The Chancellor does not have the decision-making authority to send troops; only the Bundestag can do that.”

“We do not want Russia’s war against Ukraine to turn into a war between Russia and NATO. We agree on this with all our allies,” Scholz said. But he still wants to supply Ukraine with weapons and aid.

In the U.S., aid to Ukraine is what is holding up a government spending package that could cause a government shutdown. House Speaker Mike Johnson said that he will not agree to more funding for Ukraine without a deal to secure the southern border. Republicans are threatening to oust him if he gives in on this. Democrats say that they will protect his job if he gives them the war funding. It’s a dirty game of politics being played with people’s lives. It’s war but not “war,” if you read between the lines.

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