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Woke World War 3

Woke War III is trending because of this Newsweek article, which was endorsed on Twitter by Elon Musk. It may be an unfortunate moniker but it is an important concept: The far right and the far left have joined together to champion war.

Of course, labeling something the third war, suggests that the first two were also wars of wokeness or rhetoric. Let’s put that semantic argument aside and take writer David Sacks’ point at face value.

Sacks points out that Obama came to power with a stance against the Iraq war and that neoconservatives championed withdrawing from Afghanistan to save lives. But now…

“Fast forward to today and anyone who suggests that NATO expansion could have been a contributing factor to the current Ukraine crisis, or that the sanctions imposed on Russia are not working and have backfired on a soon-to-be-shivering Europe, or even that the U.S. must prioritize avoiding a world war with a nuclear-armed Russia, is denounced as a Putin stooge… It’s nonsensical, and a real debate would expose some of the delusions in this thinking. But we aren’t allowed to have one.”

This was made apparent when the mob jumped on Musk for proposing peace agreements with Russia. To Twist an old Dr. Phil’ism: Would you rather be right, or would you rather be at war?

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