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YouTube Flip Flops on Vaccines

Follow us on this story, it’s a little crazy.

YouTube has changed its community guidelines so that videos no longer have to avoid saying that covid vaccines do not reduce the risk of contracting Covid.

Up until recently, if you said on YouTube that the vaccine does not prevent the spread of Covid, YouTube would flag, demonetize or penalize videos and channels. In fact, this happened to Redacted in the summer of 2021. We reported that studies were showing that the vaccines were not preventing infection and we were punished for that.

Not only can you now say that the vaccines do not prevent the spread, you are NOT allowed to say that vaccines are a guaranteed prevention method for Covid. Yes you read that correctly.

The problem here is that YouTube shut down discussions about vaccines that were valid and science based. Redacted was also punished for discussing adverse reactions to vaccines from Pfizer’s own reported trials from Pfizer’s own website. YouTube has shut down legitimate questions, aligning itself with government narratives and this is infuriating.

Will we get an apology? Probably not. But will YouTube now flag old videos for saying that vaccines prevented Covid? Probably not.

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