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Zelensky Finds D.C. Is Out of Money

Ukrainian President Zelensky is touring the U.S. to plead for more aid for its war against Russia but it has not been the headliner that he’d hoped. Last year, the U.S. government rolled out the red carpet but this year is much different. It feels like watching a former headline band tour county fairs.

President Zelensky went on Fox News to deliver the “Putin is the real enemy here” line. He acknowledged that the U.S. has its own problems and his opinion about those problems shouldn’t really matter. What should matter is the facts of the battle and Zelensky lied about pretty much all of them. He said Russia has not “occupied [sic] any Ukrainian village during this year.” That’s not true. Maybe he forgot about Bakmut? He claimed that Ukraine had destroyed the Russian fleet in Crimea. That’s also not true. Russia has repelled many attacks in the waters near Crimea. Oddly enough, Fox News didn’t bother to contradict him.

House Republicans still claim that they will not vote for additional aid for Ukraine without additional funding at the southern border and Democrats are simply not interested in that southern border bit. This puts the aid package at a stand still.

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