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Wait, Gavin Newsom Did What?

California Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill that could remove a child from parental custody if they did not affirm their child’s transgender ideology. This is a surprising move

The Pope Pushes More Weapons to Ukraine

Pope Francis is apparently in favor of giving weapons to Ukraine. Speaking to reporters this weekend, the Pope said this: “I’ve seen now that some countries

Free Speech Heads to The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has extended the Biden administration’s ability to censor online content for a few more days while they decide if they will take up the

Illegal Immigration Straining The West

In the U.K., the government has mandated that small-boat migrants must be booked at three-star hotels. Given that there are approximately 45,000 asylum seekers, this is costing

The Cancelling of Russell Brand

Should accused people be stopped from participating in capitalist endeavors? Should people be silenced based on public accusations? These are important questions forced upon us

U.K. Walks Back Push for Electric Cars

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is showing common sense in pushing back climate reforms. This means that he will extend a ban on gas-powered cars from 2030