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Where Is That Missing F-35?

There are more questions than answers about an F-35 jet crash that the Pentagon said went missing for a whole day. Here is what we know. On

Hunter Biden Goes On The Offensive

On the heels of an indictment, Hunter Biden has sued the Internal Revenue Service, claiming that the whistleblowers who testified about corruption in the investigation of

Ukraine Caught Bombing Civilians Again

The New York Times concluded that a strike on a civilian market earlier this month was done by Ukraine. This is the strike that Ukrainian President Zelensky

Zelensky Comes A Knockin’

Russian President Volodymyr Zelensky will visit Washington for the second time this year to ask for more money and more weapons. He did so with

Facebook Must Show Us The Goods

Facebook has to show us how and why it censored speech about Covid. Facebook has been subpoenaed for this information but fought to have it